Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big damn bands and the great depression

As the financial sky is falling…and I'm reading online how some people are already hoarding food and gasoline and such for the next great depression…our little tourist town seems to be bustling with traffic this weekend. It's a good thing, as Martha says.

Of course, my view of the traffic in town this weekend is strictly as a casual observer. Perhaps our tourists are not buying anything, just soaking up the atmosphere. With my store not open, I have no sales information. (sob)

I'll update you, dear readers, about WHY we haven't opened yet in a future post. This, that and the other have conspired to delay things considerably. Just in time for the great depression. What wonderful timing we have! More later on that...

In other brighter news, the welder was here all day, actually until after 8 p.m.…on a Saturday, no less…shoring up our new steel deck structure. Now it won't budge…or rot…for the next couple of hundred years.

I went to Harrison, Arkansas today and made a haul. My intention was to just hit Home Depot and get a light fixture for the new bathroom and head home, but I made a stop at my favorite little spot (and no, I'm not going to tell you where it is!!) and found some luscious sconces, bunches of lampshades that I'm going to re-cover and tart up, and a couple of very tall silvery lamps. Yum.

And last but not least, I love this town! We walked up the hill to Basin Park last night to hear Rev. Payton's Big Damn Band, followed by Trout Fishing in America. What a fabulous concert. Things like this are why we moved here, and we haven't been disappointed.

Life goes on.