Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a glimpse or two...

...of the store. We're still flying under the radar, as we still have a few details to finish before we're "done." (Will we ever really be done?) For instance, Rob's finishing up the front doorway surround, and I'm waiting to find plants for our big urns outside. (It's still too cold to plant anything.) And then there's the whole basement to price and open!

Arggh. That sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Oh, well. I just need to have the main floor finished by this weekend's shindig. It's Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs, and the girls next door at Pizza Bar are hosting a party Friday night. They've been so wonderful about steering customers our way, and they promise to steer their whole party over here Friday night.

Anyway, I promised a glimpse of the store, so...
Above: as you enter the store

Above: the ubiquitous rabbit section (it IS almost Easter, after all)

Above: our counter...built out of old doors, of course

Above: our counter top, made of old French doors from a house we renovated in Dallas, filled with old photos, then coated with Envirotex to seal it all up

Above: the "deer" section, with lovely serving pieces, magnifying glasses, letter openers, bottle openers, etc. with silver deer heads...

Above: our spiritual section, filled with crosses and crowns of all shapes, sizes and materials

Above: the white shabby chic section, centered around an old Amish cart

There are a few more photos on our website: www.cottagecaboodle.com

Saturday, March 28, 2009


We opened our doors today for the first time...but it's a very quiet opening to work out the kinks and figure out all our new equipment (POS system, credit card machine, check machine, etc.)

And what a day for a quiet opening it was. First sleet, then rain, then a blizzard of snow! Nevertheless, we've had quite a few customers and many wonderful comments on the store.

I had to laugh as I was hanging the "spring" banner in the window this morning as snow was blowing across the sidewalk.