Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eureka scores

American Style Magazine named Eureka Springs one of the nation's Top 25 Arts Destinations among cities below 100,000, including Santa Fe, Taos, Key West, Aspen and Carmel. Read all about it here.

(We're just slightly below the 100,000 pop. limit: at last count, we're at around 2200. Take that, Santa Fe.)

Friday, August 14, 2009

New finds

Ooh la la. These 36" wide Eiffel Tower blinds just came in today and it's all I can do not to haul a few of them upstairs to use in our apartment. But I'm going to try to use some restraint. ($48 ea)
These 3x5 bamboo rugs are also quite fabulous, I think. ($48)

This new piggy pot rack (only $72) matches our piggy cookbook holders (below.)

And you know no post of mine is complete without something bird related. Below, behold these darling little 8" egg wreaths (or they can also be used as candle wreaths.) Only 8 bucks.

Friday, August 7, 2009

We're a winner!

That's me, hamming it up in front of our winning window display. Yes, we won Eureka Springs' first monthly window decor contest. Woo hoo. (Note that the window is bird related. Of course.)

I had read something about the contest, but really hadn't paid much attention. So...last week I took a day off to try to shake off a nasty sinus infection. There I was, slouched in front of the TV in my nightgown, and Rob calls upstairs to tell me to get dressed and come right down. "Trust me," he said. "You'll like this." Oy. I threw on some clothes, didn't brush my hair or put on makeup, and crawled downstairs to meet two lovely women from the Downtown Business Network who awarded me the prize. "And now we're going to take your picture for the newspaper," they said. Ummm, no you're not, I thought. They kindly let Rob take the photo later when I looked a little less disheveled.

All very nice, you know, except the article in the paper said I "gushed" over the prize. Honestly, I was too sick to gush, but whatever. Now I have to figure out how to win this thing every month.

More, more, more...

It's been awhile since I posted -- just so busy this summer -- but wanted to share some more of our new merchandise. More birds, more pigs, new glassware, new wire baskets, new clocks, new soap....well, see for yourself:

Be sure to check back in the next few weeks for more new merch. I'm expecting some fabulous cow paintings, as well as some wonderful saints statuary and saints jewelry!