Sunday, February 28, 2010

More cows...more fun

Last year I was obsessed with birds. This year it appears to be cows. More cute cow paintings have just come in!

Some other cool things that have just arrived:
Carved St. Francis statues

St. Thomas statue

French mailbox!

Large world map wall clock

Stay tuned for more great merchandise. More things coming in every day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How did it get to be February 21 already?

So much for my resolution to blog more! However, I'm managing to work on most of my other resolutions, so I guess it's not too bad. Anyway, it's pouring rain in Eureka Springs today and I'm sitting in the store listening to Rachel Field sing at the New Delhi across the street. Joy! And since it's slow, I'm finally going to post some pics of new merchandise and newly-arranged shop. (I'm still working on opening up the basement; it should be finished next month. Hallelujah.)

French feedsack bags and pillows

New colorful tea towels and an expanded apron section

Maps of Europe, Italy and France with barnwood frames

If I didn't have cows hanging in my dining room, I'd have these skeletal charts!

Love these phrenology and palmistry items!

New assortment of spiffy canes.

Birds, birds, and more birds. Still.

Anyone for a spot of tea?

Our expanded hardware section -- more knobs, more hooks, vintage mailboxes.

Silver and mercury glass.

Doggie section. Rob made the adorable bed.

Lots more in the spiritual section...

Darling little crystal magnifying glasses. Perfect for discreetly reading the fine print.

Expanded jewelry section...lots of beautiful new things.

Rings made in Peru, Africa and India......and finally, more saints bracelets

Funky and/or sparkly earrings

Beautiful fused glass servingware, magnets, jewelry and more from Felicity Glass, made right up the road in Lampe, Missouri.

And there's much more new merchandise on the way. Come visit and take a peek!