Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog love

 With the dearth of decent decorating magazines on the market, I rely on design blogs for inspiration and entertainment, skimming about a hundred or so each week. I just discovered three new-to-me blogs that really speak to my aesthetic. Each features glorious photography, interesting commentary, and just the style I love. Check them out:

The first is The New Victorian Ruralist, a blog by the owners of Finderskeepers Market in Kentucky:

The next is these roving eyes, a visual feast written/curated by clever Canadian chap Jason Hudson. (He also writes these roving ears which, as is probably obvious, is a music blog. Also pretty interesting.)

And last though certainly not least is myleshenryblog. I don't know where Myles finds his gorgeous images, but I could look at them for hours:

(Note: we carry the phrenology hand shown above. Cool. Call me if you want one.)

These boys certainly inspire me to do more with my blog. (We'll see how that works out.) And speaking of inspiration, I'm going to Dallas in a few days for market...and hopefully lots of new ideas and interesting merchandise. Check back later!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get the look: blue and white

Blue-and-white is one of the most timeless decorating schemes ever. It just never goes out of style. And touches of blue-and-white can be added to the most modern to the most traditional of rooms.

It even looks good in rustic settings, as shown above.

(All photos courtesy of House Beautiful.)

And guess what? Cottage Caboodle has all the blue-and-white accessories that you love:

Stop by and start or supplement your own blue-and-white collection.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Blues Festival!

The annual Eureka Springs Blues Festival started last night, and there are scads of people in town. Every bar and restaurant in town has blues bands playing, and the streets are alive with music. We went to the New Delhi tonight to hear Charles Woods with G Funk the Tree Trunk...fabulous!  Here's the thing: we can walk less than a block in any direction from our place and hear world class music. Does it get any better than this? I think not.

Anyway, there's still two more days of great music, so get here if  you can! Here's a link to the event: