Thursday, March 1, 2012

Long time no see...

I am so utterly bad at keeping up with this blog. This winter has been very busy, thanks to the superb weather we've been having. Plus, I've been scouring the country for new items for the store. But...I'm back and I have to share some of our new merchandise. (And there's more coming in every day!)

Art! Whimsical giclees, art panels, small postcard prints, you name it. Come in to see the full array.

Ohh la la, indeed. Lots more Parisian goodies...

Blackboards with shelves and hooks. Oversized, and ready to make a statement on your wall.

Lovely canes and walking sticks, beautifully crrafted from many different types of wood by artisans in Texas.

Full sized rattan mannequins, perfect for your bedroom, craft room, or any room!

Huge wooden "gear" clock. (Doesn't it look great next to the framed Union Jack poster?)

Glass plates with four different angel paintings....lovely.

Fishing fly dinnerware is back in stock! I've been waiting a year for this to arrive, so if you want some, now is the time to come in.

This beautiful metal fleur de lys cross is almost 40" tall.

I've found a new candle supplier -- Lakewood Candle Company -- and it's based in my old neighborhood in Dallas. How could I resist? They make such lovely scents and packaging. The candles above are in apothecary jars, with scents such as Firely and Apache Tears.

These beauties are also from Lakewood Candle Company. They're called Milagro Luz, or miracle lights. Each comes in a stemless red wine glass with a religious medal attached.

There's lots more to come. I promise to keep you posted as more merchandise pours in. Have a good weekend!